First Aid ​



MSHA Anual Refresher and Experianced minor, 8 hour Training part 46 and part 48

OSHA 30 hr construction

If the class that you need is not shown here and is something that is covered under either OSHA's 29 CFR 1926 / 1910 or task training under MSHA's 30 CFR, Let us know through our contact us page and we will find a way to accommodate your company in any safety training capacity that we can.  If we can't supply a service for you  we will do our best to find someone who can. 

Job Site Safety Inspections

First Aid classes can be scheduled ​​at your offices or we can add your employees to a class that is already scheduled on the attached calendar. 

​​​We will work together with your Safety management team to put together a Plan to keep your Employees and your company safe and in compliance with OSHA and MSHA.

​​training first safety will follow

​24 new hire training can be scheduled in one of our upcoming classes or we will arrange a class at your office. 

​​10 hour classes can be scheduled at your business with 10 or more employees in attendance or in accordance with the attached schedule.  



​MSHA New Miner  24 hour Training​


​​​​​Each employee needing an annual refresher can be scheduled in one of our upcoming classes or we can arrange a class at your office. 

​Safety Consulting


Msha And Osha Training. Safety Consulting. Site inspections. First Aid Cpr Aed In Tucson

​​I will go to your job site or mine site and conduct Safety and compliance inspections for your company to help insure a safe and compliant work environment for your employees. 

30 hour classes will be scheduled on an as needed basis. 

McPherson Safet​y Training 

MSHA, OSHA, First Aid, CPR and AID 

OSHA 10 hr construction